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The uniquely British work boat company

The South Boats story started in 1996 with 8m monohull vessels followed by the extensive and much publicized outfit of a 12m Lochin vessel in 1998.  The catamarans started in 1999 with the first 10m vessel ‘J&B’ still in service today with her first owner, fishing off the Isle of Wight.  A few years later, a further 10m vessel ‘Sundance’ assured South Boats’ position as the UK’s leading builder of angling and diving charter vessels.

In 2004, following some research in the emerging offshore wind market, South Boats built their first offshore wind farm crew transfer vessel, ‘Sirocco’.  More work boats for this industry followed before full production started in 2007, forcing a structured expansion.

Today, South Boats is based at Cowes on the Isle of Wight, with production and operations taking place over four sites and is one of the largest builders of aluminium catamaran work boats in the UK with over 150 skilled workers and a turnover in excess of £20m.

The company has a vision to achieve a further 100% growth to maintain a minimum 50% market share globally of offshore wind farm
work boats.  Extensive research has been carried out on quantity and type of work boats required to support offshore wind farm construction and O&M around the world and licensees are already being appointed with yards that share our vision.